About Tripsitter.Amsterdam

Tripsitter. Amsterdam is dedicated to offer you a safe psychedelic experience. We have a professionaly trained team of tripsitters.  Almost all of our tripsitters have a professional background in Psychology or Counseling. They also have years of experience with psychedelics. We are specialized in custom made service arrangments (retreats) for individuals (for example if you want to try truffles or other psychedelics for the first time) , couples or groups. We create the perfect SET & SETTING for your experience and also give you (as an extra option) advise about micro-dosing, follow-up/ integration, health-style, your brain-condition (with a brainscan/ QEEG) and regular psychological effective techniques. We provide our service in all the cities in the Netherlands (not only in Amsterdam). All of our service falls within the legal norms. Book your psychedelic session now!

We offer female professional guides for female clients (so not for male clients). We understand that a psychedelic experience can feel vulnerable. We have female guides from different cultures (also Arabian) to make the perfect fit! For sessions with other forms of psychedelics (or couples) we only work with male guides (but it is always possible to book a female guide extra).

For companies we offer (personalized) workshops to enhance creativity/ problemsolving, brainstorming / team(trust)building sessions. Nothing is too crazy for us. We have the expertise and experience. Let us surprise you and send us a contact request now!

Individual Session

It doesn't matter if you are a 'first timer' or an experienced psychonaut: We are here for you.

We have more than 10 years of regular therapy experience (PTSD, depression, anxiety, burn-out etc). We also offer professional couple/ relationship therapy (with or without a psychedelic). You are not alone.

Business Sessions/ Retraites

We offer group and team gatherings for teambuilding, creativity (problem solving), vision, building trust etc. We have the expertise and experience in this. Tell us your wishes!

Brainscan, Neurofeedback and Micro-dosing Counseling

We can advise you about a personalized micro-dosing protocol. It's also possible to give you a personalized (science backed) report about your mental condition (based on a QEEG-Brainscan), solutions (specific psychedelics, Online Neurofeedback where ever you are in the world and other neuromodulaton techniques like CES, tDCS etc) and Supplementsadvice that can help you. All integrated in a professional trajectory. We are here for you!