As an extra option/ service it’s possible to make a Brainscan (QEEG) for you. The brainscan will be made by a professional healthcareworker and will give you insight in;

  • Your dominant Moodstate
  • Your ability to Focus/ Concentrate
  • Your ability to Relax (your mind)
  • Your Cognitive Efficiency

and much other brainfactors. The results will be presented to you in a personalized report.

The reports also contains personalized advice about;

  • Personalized Neurofeedbackprotocols to enhance your mood, focus, ability to relax and enhance your cognitive efficiency
  • Supplements you can use to enhance your brainstate

To complement the results of your personal brainscan you get access to the cloud environment to do some cognitive performance tests and fill in some questionnaires about your body and psychological state. This way you will get a representative picture of your (mental) health state. It will show you also on what aspects you can improve.

Price: 399 euro Please reach out for us. Bitcoin and Ethereum are also accepted.

Extra services (1 hr ):

  • Session Peak- Performance/ FLOW coaching
  • Neuromodulation session (online neurofeedback, HRV, CES, tDCS, brainentrainment) based on the brainscan or at the beginning of a psychedelic session
  • QI Gong / flow yoga session

See an example of a personalized report, an explanation about the (scientific) benefits of neurofeedback and brainentrainment downunder.

We also sell a specific (magnetic brainstimulation) device to assist in the regular work on depression and anxiety (only 99 euro instead of 159 dollar):

Example (1 page) of a brainscan report. A full report contains more aspects (not shown here).

Read more about the benefits of neurofeedback (for depression, anxiety, stress etc) here;

What is Brainentrainment and how can it be helpfull;