Research about MDMA-(Psycho)therapy  

MDMA (psycho)therapy may have a success rate of 83 percent after just 2/3 therapy sessions, (MAP's) research (trials) are indicating ( By slowing down the experience of time and making the fear more manageable, it can accelerate therapy. Not only does it enhance the participant’s connection with the present moment, but it strengthens the therapeutic bond, allowing for a process of self-exploration that respects personal pace and supports a fuller expression of deep emotion and insight. MDMA-therapy is not about only taking a substance. Research is telling that the effect is caused by the combination with psychotherapy.

"MDMA therapy not only opens up trust in the other person, but also the trust in yourself. You can go back to situations you are not ordinarily able to even think about and start talking about them, looking back, but then realizing that you are no longer there anymore. You are safe now and don’t have to react in those old ways.”

The review of a (general) participant with (complex) trauma/ PTSD ;

MDMA therapy in Israel;


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