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Published on 22 Nov 2023


“From the very first session, I began making amazing breakthroughs. The split between my mind and my body began to dissolve. Being present in my body became an experience, not a concept. My heat opened. I could access blocked emotions as never before. As I continued psychedelic therapy, I discovered and worked through trauma of childhood neglect and abuse. Hidden sources of my chronic illness, anxiety, and depression symptoms were revealed.

My colitis healed, my depression vanished, and my health improved. As my sexual and relationship issues healed, I was able to manifest the healthy, happy marriage I enjoy today. I meditated, practiced yoga, got Rolfed and rebirth. All these were helpful, but were only able to take me so far. I believe that without the help of psychedelics I would never have healed. Psychedelic psychology saved my life.” – R. Coleman in the book Psychedelic Psychotherapy: “

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