What is Tripsitting/ Psychedelic Therapy?

Many psychedelic voyagers have their trip assisted by a traditional trip sitter, whose role is to act as an anchor and resting place as well as providing physical safety throughout the experience. We believe this is incredibly helpful, however we take this to another level. We will lead you through your subconscious mind using your intention as a compass.

With profound trust in your own inner wisdom, we do not provide the answers for you but rather lead you to a place in which you can find them within yourself. Even if you find it difficult right now to believe that you hold this wisdom and clarity within you, fear not, we are fully confident and experienced in guiding you there.

When needed, we will help you to embrace difficult moments and surrender to uncomfortable emotions, teaching you how to work with your resistance instead of it working against you so that even what could be a frightening trip can transform into an experience of awareness and bliss.

Most psychedelics potentially bring traumatic memories or repressed emotions to the surface, which is one of the reasons why they are such an incredible aid. When this happens, we will not only hold space for you, carry you through the experience and make you feel safe .

By re-experiencing the painful moment but in this case having your needs met, you will be able to “complete” the experience by moving through and letting go of the unprocessed emotions, reconnecting to the fragmented aspects of yourself, therefore creating wholeness within, allowing you to move forward in life. We also provide professional psychedelic coaching en counseling (how to deal with struggles in your work, business, relationships etc) and also include micro-dosing advice.

If you are fearful of a “bad” or “frightening” trip, rest assured we can guide you through such challenges as they arise leading you to a spiritual, liberating and transformative healing experience.