We bring the professionals to you for a

Safe Personalized 1 on 1

Psychedelic Experience (all in 1-DAY)

More than 10 years Experience in professionally guiding clients

1 on 1 (or couple) sessions without the disturbance/ distraction of a group so you can really focus on your own internal proces

Special Stop-Smoking/ Addiction Program guided by a professional psychologist

1 DAY PROGRAM and Guidance by accredited (English or Dutch speaking)  Psychologists in all dutch cities

Full Service. We come to your comfortable hotelroom, Airbnb or house so (for your Safety) you don't have to go on the public street after your psychedelic experience

100% Legal and Confidential

We use Quality and Safety Protocols

We also arrange psychedelic Business Sessions for teambuilding, creativity, reflection, vision and trustbuilding

High Dose possibility

A Psychedelic Experience/ Magic Truffles

In the Netherlands Truffles (that contain psilocybin) are 100% legal. For thousands of years psilocybin mushrooms have been used in religious and shamanic ceremonies in many different cultures around the world. Nowadays research is pointing out that psychedelics can be an effective therapeutic assistant (sometimes additionally to regular treatments) for several mental issues. Psychedelic Truffles (or Psilohuasca) can also enhance your creativity and problem solving skills or can help help with your spiritual/ life quest. Other psychedelics can be very helpful too (research/ science is telling). We work mostly 1 on 1 or with couples (but also organise small group retreats). Our experience is that a truffle experience in a groupsetting is often very distracting, to generalized/ conform standards and not that fulfilling in a personal way. We have professional Psychologists specialized in depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD/ trauma, OCD, insomnia and eating disorders. Please send us your questions or directly book your journey with us!

Massages and other services

We work with a network of professional masseurs. Massage can be given in front (as a method to come in a relaxed receptive state) of he psychedelic experience to ground and bring the energy back to the body.

We can also use other therapeutic techniques as breathwork, mindfulness, (Internal) Family Systems therapy, constellationtherapy, relationshiptherapy, CBT, somatic therapy etc.

Therapeutical Music

We use special therapeutical music playlists and arrange a custom made personal music experience for you (based on your own intention for the trip). You can also send us your own music (spotify) playlists. Music is very important for the set and setting of your trip!

Brainscan/ Neuromodulation

As an extra option/ service it’s possible to make a Brainscan (QEEG) for you. The brainscan will be made by a professional healthcareworker and will give you insight in;

-Your dominant Moodstate

-Your ability to Focus/ Concentrate

-Your ability to Relax (your mind)

-Your Cognitive Efficiency

and much other brainfactors. The (science based) results will be presented to you in a personalized report.

The reports also contains personalized advice about;

-Personalized Neurofeedbackprotocols to enhance your mood, focus, ability to relax and enhance your cognitive efficiency

-Supplements you can use to enhance your brainstate

To complement the results of your personal brainscan you get access to the cloud environment to do some cognitive performance tests and fill in some questionnaires about your body and psychological state. This way you will get a representative picture of your (mental) health state. It will show you also on what aspects you can improve.

Make an appointment and have a safe transforming journey with us!