Tripsitting/ Psychedelic Therapy?

Many individuals embarking on psychedelic journeys often seek the support of a traditional trip sitter (or tripcoach or triptherapist). These skilled companions serve as stabilizing anchors, offering a sense of security and physical safety throughout the entire experience. Our approach, however, transcends the conventional role of a trip sitter. We are dedicated to guiding you on an exploration deep into your subconscious, with your intentions as the guiding compass. We place profound trust in your innate wisdom, never imposing answers upon you but rather facilitating your journey to discover them within yourself. Even if you presently struggle to believe in the presence of such wisdom and clarity within, rest assured that we possess the confidence and experience necessary to guide you to that inner sanctuary.

In moments of difficulty, we offer support in embracing challenging aspects and surrendering to uncomfortable emotions. Our expertise lies in teaching you how to collaborate with resistance rather than allowing it to obstruct your path. Thus, even what might initially seem like a daunting journey can metamorphose into a profound voyage of self-awareness and profound contentment.

Psychedelics have the potential to unearth traumatic memories and suppressed emotions, a feature that renders them invaluable tools for healing. When these memories surface, our role extends beyond mere presence and safety assurance.

We create a nurturing space where you can reencounter these painful moments, but this time with your needs met. By revisiting and processing these emotions, you can achieve a sense of closure and release, ultimately reconnecting with fragmented aspects of yourself and fostering inner wholeness. This transformative process empowers you to move forward in life with newfound strength and clarity.

Additionally, our services encompass professional psychedelic coaching and counseling, addressing challenges that may arise in various aspects of your life, such as work, business, and relationships. We also provide guidance on the practice of micro-dosing.

If you harbor concerns about the possibility of a distressing or unsettling journey, be assured that we are fully equipped to navigate these challenges with you. Our expertise will lead you toward a spiritual, liberating, and transformative healing experience.

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