Magic Truffles:

The legal psychedelic truffles contain psilocybin (like magic mushrooms). See this link when you are on antidepressant medication at the moment:

With certain anti depressant medication it is possible to take psilocybin truffles but sometimes, from our experience, the positive effects are smaller. Totally tapering off in consult with your own medical doctor (at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to your first session) can be a better option sometimes.


Psilohuasca is a combination of legal psilocybin truffles and a (legal) MAO-inhibitor (the Banisteriopsis Caapi/ Ayahuasca vine). This psychedelic experience
is (much) stronger and deeper then truffles alone. When you are on antidepressant medication (or have high blood pressure) this is not a safe option.


Cannabis (max 5 gram) is legal/allowed in Holland. Cannabis is often used for psychedelic (transformational) trips and sometimes as a preparation
(for trauma work) for other (more introspective) psychedelic work.

Questions about (other?) substances? Send us a message (via the Contact button)!

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